Issue #38
Wednesday, 10 August 2022
section title icon Layout design
— In this article, we will talk about the fact that one of the drawbacks of fluid typography, namely the appearance of a large number of media queries, can be avoided. Or, at least, the number of records in @media rule can be reduced.
— In this article, the author will show how to use CSS Grid to build a responsive image grid that will follow a masonry-style layout on desktop screensThis article describes individual properties for CSS transforms. These are scale, rotate, and translate, which you can use to individually define those parts of a transformation.
— This article explains how we can use the onerror attribute on the image to set a fallback.
section title icon Web development
— Tips, Tricks, Best Practices for front-end developers. This is an unordered list of useful instruments and practices.
— Another resource list for developers. And it is unordered too, but from chaos comes order.
section title icon ReactJS
— This complete guide with useful links covers the most important patterns to help prevent re-renders and a few anti-patterns that could lead to unnecessary re-renders and poor performance.
— In this article, the author introduces you to the basic principles — Redux Toolkit and Redux Persist, using a shopping cart example.
— The author of this article shares her experience in increasing React performance. This might be helpful in some of your projects.

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