Issue #39
Wednesday, 17 August 2022
section title icon Layout design
— Have you asked yourself whether to use a <section> or an <article> element? In this article, you will explore how grouping content affects the accessibility and how you can make it all count for users.
— This article examines unintended horizontal over-scrolling on mobile. You will learn why this phenomenon exists and how we can do our best to avoid it.
— How can we make the animation pause between keyframes? You will find the answer in this article.
section title icon Web development
— Gatsby Cloud can now publish to our CDN in one second. This is 100x faster than the exact same Gatsby site building on a standard CI/CD service!
— Record & Tuple is a proposed feature for JavaScript that aims to introduce new immutable value types. Records are immutable key/value structures, and Tuples are immutable sequences of data.
section title icon ReactJS
— In this article, we will learn how Google login works and how we can add it to our React app using a package called react-google-login.
— We need notifications almost in every project. Naturally, you can make custom components, but in this article, you will find many ready-made solutions.
— The security of a web application is an important topic to discuss and consider. Email-password authentication, phone auth, and OAuth are all somewhat trivial. Now let's look at something really unusual.

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